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Unwind (Vol 7) - mixed by DJ Seroton.mp3

Unwind is a series of ~1 hour mixes that include carefully selected tracks for a specific mood or emotion. While the main genre of these mixes is Chillout, what makes these mixes unique is the fact that they are not limited to typical chillout tunes only. Instead, depending on the chosen mood/theme of the mix, I incorporate appropriate tracks from other genres such as new age, ambient, classical, etc. The end result is a more interesting and varied mix that very maintains the overall theme of the mix.

With Vol 7 of this series, I wanted a mix that makes a perfect soundtrack for a vacation. It starts off with the intro of the legendary song by the Scorpions ‘Holiday’, and then progresses through a mix of upbeat and mellow chillout tunes that are hand-picked to give you the feeling of being in a different place, filled with new experiences, culture and different sounds of music.

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  1. Scorpions - Holiday
  2. Makis Ablianitis - Love Secret
  3. Cantoma - Marisi
  4. Ferry Tayle - Revanche (Ferry Tayle Sit On The Sand Mix)
  5. Enigma - Beyond The Invisible
  6. Alex Venge - Talking With Soul
  7. Chris Spheeris - Culture
  8. Vangelis - Monastery Of La Rabida
  9. Chris Spheeris - Elektra
  10. Shalimar Sector - Garden Of Lust
  11. Seon Feat. Ekaterina - Under The Moon (Full Moon Mix)
  12. In Credo - The Strings Of Spain (Offshore Mix)
  13. Bliss - Breathe
  14. ATB - Distant Earth

Download Unwind (Vol 7) - mixed by DJ Seroton.mp3(165 MB)
Last modified: 2012-08-05 09:56:27
MD5 Hash: 409b48f428420bd224d3303f6b21451c

Up And Down - mixed by Kick Bong.mp3

Up And Down - mixed by Kick Bong
  1. Kaya Project - One God Dub
  2. Sonic Cube - Astray
  3. Tlpopmusik - Last Train To Wherever
  4. Vibrasphere - Tierra Azul
  5. Tlpopmusik - Hollywood On My Toothpaste
  6. Vibrasphere - Late Winter Storms
  7. Dousk - As If
  8. Dousk - All About You
  9. Nomad - ???
  10. Kick Bong - Progress In Happiness
  11. Antix - Hiding Place
  12. Grey Area - Slowly
  13. Kaya Project - The Flow

Total playtime: 1 hour, 19 minutes and 29 seconds
Download Up And Down - mixed by Kick Bong.mp3(145.6 MB)
Last modified: 2007-07-30 04:35:40
MD5 Hash: 16252f43c575d7a13c2ff41c3af64c15

Valentine's Mix (love & chill) - mixed by DJ QB.mp3

  1. Moondust Ft. Misal - I Feel Love
  2. Brook Sapphire - So We Start
  3. Superlounger - Calling The Waves
  4. Purple Avenue - Love And Sex And Magic
  5. Zelonka and Marga Sol - One Little Thing

Download Valentine's Mix (love & chill) - mixed by DJ QB.mp3(30.3 MB)
Last modified: 2012-02-26 15:27:10
MD5 Hash: 0d2b96a8ca99fcf08f65f05cc14c8333

View From The Rainbow - mixed by Cardamar.mp3

Cardamar presents a new Chillout mix!

For fans of ambient trance and warm melodic vibes. Featuring two tracks from Marco Torrance's upcoming album, this is another mix you don't want to miss!

  1. Cint Mansell - Ghosts Of Things To Come
  2. Adam Nickey - Perfect Destiny (Ambient Mix)
  3. Skyscraper - The Hymn 2006 (Update Project Ambient Mix)
  4. Marco Torrance - Earth Rising
  5. Marco Torrance - Standard Feelings
  6. Andy Hunter - Translucent
  7. Clint Mansell - Ghosts Of A Future Lost
  8. Conjure One - Center Of The Sun (Solar Stone's Chillout Remix)
  9. Clint Mansell - Coney Island Low
  10. Marco Torrance - Oneirology
  11. Goaschuld - Diadem
Total playtime: 72 minutes and 48 seconds
Download View From The Rainbow - mixed by Cardamar.mp3(133.3 MB)
Last modified: 2007-02-10 23:51:24
MD5 Hash: f1c7a54489a7d5ee29bf211d3437f7cf

Voices Of Eden - mixed by RebeL9 and Espe.mp3

Download Voices Of Eden - mixed by RebeL9 and Espe.mp3(267.5 MB)
Last modified: 2007-02-10 23:57:41
MD5 Hash: C0D905581F777994699C033038D61D34
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